• Chief Minister's visit at Sanitary Park kanker-Chhatisgarh
    Chief Minister's visit at Sanitary Park kanker-Chhatisgarh (Technical support provided by Samarthan in preparation of the Sanitary Park)
  • Community lead total Sanitation book in Hindi released by ChiefMinister Chhatisgarh
    Community lead total Sanitation book in Hindi released by ChiefMinister Chhatisgarh (Book prepared by Samarthan and printed by district administration kanker)
  • Bundelkhan CSs meeting in Jahani
  • Identifying the rights of migrants and their families
  • Bundelkhan CSs meeting in Jahani MNREGA

Soochana Kendra facilitating government scheme to a Widow

34 years old Mamta, a  resident of Bapcha   village in Sehore district , Madhya Pradesh was shocked when her husband, the only breadwinner in the family died after a brief illness. The family had incurred huge expenditure in the treatment and  was wrecked not only emotionally but also financially.Santosh ,the Soochna Mitra met Mamta in one of the Mohalla meetings when Mamta narrated her unfortunate tale to him.
Santosh promptly suggested that she qualifies for the ‘Family benefit scheme’ and she should try to access the scheme. The scheme supports the  poor BPL households where the sole breadwinner dies suddenly. The family gets one time grant of  Rs. 25000 under the scheme. It is important to have BPL no. ( Below Poverty Line) and death certificate of the ‘dead’ to apply for the scheme.
Information  volunteer  informed Mamta that she should first apply for a death certificate of her husband from the Panchayat, as Panchayats are authorised to make birth/Death Certificate, and then apply for ‘Family benefit scheme.  The Panchayat promptly made the Death certificate of Mamta’s husband. Mamta also needed a Bank account to apply for the scheme as the benefit is transferred directly in the bank accounts. The opening of bank account needed ‘Aadhar card’ . The Kiosks helped her to first apply for Adhar and then make an on-line application for a bank account.
Once Mamta had an Adhar card she applied for online  bank account  and  soon had one.   Mamta was again facilitated by the information volunteer to make on-line application for ‘family benefit scheme’. The on-line registration of the scheme was facilitated by the Information-kiosks as well as information volunteer of the village. The application was forwarded to the Block office by the kiosk manager. A little follow up was undertaken at the block level.
Though it took three months in following up, the Family was sanctioned the benefits under the scheme. A much needed support of Rs. 25000 has been transferred to families account under the scheme only yesterday.

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