SoP-Collective action and institution building for environmental benefit works under MGNREGA

This SOP document introduces a new phase in Environmental Benefit works planning and implementation under MGNREGA. This reference document needs to be understood, internalized and owned by all the key stakeholders. Adequate time and resources has been invested in planning and implementation through pilot projects. This document will help PRIs, govt. officials and NGOs in planning and implementation of environmental benefits works through participatory approach for effective implementation of MGNREGA works. While developing action plans or activity planning under environmental benefit works, it is very essential to review the current situation, available resources and opportunity in the Gram Panchayats. The successful transformation of the SoP document is the joint responsibility of all stakeholders working on environmental benefit works including community members, PRI representatives, line department, NGOs, technical agencies, MATEs and ground staffs. This will help in achieving the vision and mission to transform the lives of the community members with sustainable environmental benefit works in the villages.