• Chief Minister's visit at Sanitary Park kanker-Chhatisgarh
    Chief Minister's visit at Sanitary Park kanker-Chhatisgarh (Technical support provided by Samarthan in preparation of the Sanitary Park)
  • Community lead total Sanitation book in Hindi released by ChiefMinister Chhatisgarh
    Community lead total Sanitation book in Hindi released by ChiefMinister Chhatisgarh (Book prepared by Samarthan and printed by district administration kanker)
  • Bundelkhan CSs meeting in Jahani
  • Identifying the rights of migrants and their families
  • Bundelkhan CSs meeting in Jahani MNREGA

Claiming Rights of Children to Water, Sanitation and Hygiene in Sehore district of Madhya Pradesh

Description Almost fifty per cent of the developing world’s population lack adequate sanitation facilities and over 884 million people still use unsafe drinking water sources. Children in particular pay a very high price for unsafe drinking water and lack of sanitation and hygiene. Illness associated with unsafe water and poor sanitation kills millions of people, especially children, across the globe with diarrhea reported to be the biggest cause that takes the life of over 2 million children in the developing world every year. Frequent bouts of diarrhea lead to malnutrition and illness and prevent many children from attending school regularly. This initiative is an effort to work from a child rights perspective as a means to improve WASH services and practices to realize children’s rights to survival and development on an equitable basis.
Region Sehore district
Key Objectives
  • Developing inclusive accountability mechanisms at Gram Panchayat and district level for effective delivery of WASH services to children in 16 Panchayats
  • Developing inclusive community based accountability mechanisms enabling all children in 16 Panchayats to adopt appropriate WASH practices
  • All children (especially the poorest and the most marginalized children) participate meaningfully in WASH related activities in 16 Panchayats
Key output
  • Water and sanitation rights of children are recognised by 20 Panchayats
  • Children in the project area have started demanding soap and toilets in schools and at home
  • In 10 Panchayats problems of children are included in Village Decentralised Plans
  • Parents in 15 Panchayats have demanded toilets in Schools
  • Ten School Management Committees have analysed WASH problems of children and prepared plans to address these problems
Year/Period 2010-2011
Client/Donor Water Aid India and Save the Children Finland