• Chief Minister's visit at Sanitary Park kanker-Chhatisgarh
    Chief Minister's visit at Sanitary Park kanker-Chhatisgarh (Technical support provided by Samarthan in preparation of the Sanitary Park)
  • Community lead total Sanitation book in Hindi released by ChiefMinister Chhatisgarh
    Community lead total Sanitation book in Hindi released by ChiefMinister Chhatisgarh (Book prepared by Samarthan and printed by district administration kanker)
  • Bundelkhan CSs meeting in Jahani
  • Identifying the rights of migrants and their families
  • Bundelkhan CSs meeting in Jahani MNREGA

Capacity Building Programmes for CSOs through Knowledge & Sharing Forums

Socially excluded people are often denied the opportunities available to others to increase their income and escape from poverty with their own efforts. Thus an important component of the process of inclusion of excluded groups is promoting access to livelihood as well as their rights and entitlements. Using CSOs as a change agent, the PACS programme is attempting to enhance excluded groups’ access to work, land rights and skills. The programme aims to achieve this by supporting CSOs that promote non-discriminatory access to work under MGNREGS and CSOs that help STs claim land-title rights and common property rights, and the right to access and manage their forest and grazing land under the Forest Rights Act, 2006.

Excluded groups also face discrimination in accessing public services such as education and healthcare and nutrition. Therefore, reducing the gap between excluded groups and the mainstream society in terms of access to public services is another means to achieve social inclusion and is the second major objective of the PACS programme. It works with CSOs to encourage the active and informed participation of socially excluded groups with block and district level functionaries to plan and monitor inclusive health programmes, such as the National Rural Health Mission, Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojna and the Integrated Child Development Services Scheme.

The PACS programme, managed by the Indian Forum for Inclusive Response and Social Transformation (IFIRST) consortium, is being implemented in 120 select districts (across seven states) with high incidence of poverty and with socially excluded groups constituting high proportion of the population. Building capacities of CSOs and promoting knowledge sharing among CSOs is thus a vital first step towards ensuring non-discriminatory access and delivery of services and entitlements in the national flagship programmes – the key focus of the PACS programme.

With the aim of furthering the broader goal of social inclusion of the PACS programmes, Samarthan and Sahbhagi  Shikshan Kendra have been contracted for “Conducting Capacity Building Programme for CSOs through Knowledge and Learning Forums”. The role of facilitators is primarily to build and strengthen capacities of the CSOs in the process of horizontal learning and identify advocacy issues for joint action by providing appropriate platforms for experience sharing and knowledge building at the district and the state level. The proposed assignment seeks to bring together CSOs to share experiences, practices and knowledge with thematic or topical focus and thus promote CSO networks and alliances to develop organically.

Samarthan and Sahbaghi Shikshan Kendra have been assigned responsibility of supporting and promoting district and state level forums in the states of MP, UP, Jharkhand and Chattisgarh. The assignment has been visualized with the following objectives:

  1. Conduct a rapid assessment of capacity building need of CSOs to guide capacity building initiatives
  2. Develop capacity building modules and  resource materials to facilitate the learning and sharing forums and the other capacity building initiatives
  3. Create learning and sharing forums and conduct district workshops in 8 districts to facilitate sharing and learning across thematic and topical areas
  4. Document process and compiling the learning for wider use
  5. Initiate wider discussions and deliberations at district and state level on different themes (issues) amongst the civil society organizations and communities


Project Reports

District Learning Forum
Ambikapur- FRA
Jhabua- Health & Nutrition