Community Awareness Meetings in Rajpur Block, BarwaniAwareness Meeting for "Gram Sabha Chalo Abhiyaan" in Sehore DistrictBBC Radio programmeState Release of Civil Society Report on Sustainable Development Goals at Samarthan's Head Office, BhopalBBC radio programme at PannaStrengthening governance on tribal rightsSanitation Initiatives Taken in Government Schools in Kanker District, ChattisgarhWomen's Training for Conducting Social Audits as "Village Social Animators" in Rajpur, Barwani

Consultation on 25 years of PRIs held on 24 April at Samarthan

Community Awareness Meetings in Rajpur Block, Barwani

Mangal Diwas under School Swachhta Karyakram-Mission Sunhara Kal

Social Audit conducted by Women SHG, Raisen

Awareness Meeting for "Gram Sabha Chalo Abhiyaan" in Sehore District

BBC Radio programme

2 days workshop on Panchayat and Participatory Village Planning

State Release of Civil Society Report on Sustainable Development Goals at Samarthan's Head Office, Bhopal

Sanitation Initiatives Taken in Government Schools in Kanker District, Chattisgarh

Women's Training for Conducting Social Audits as "Village Social Animators" in Rajpur, Barwani

About Us

Samarthan-Centre for Development Support  is a leading non-profit organisation working in the Indian states of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh since 1995. We believe that good governance is foundation for sustained and equitable development and effective participation by all stakeholders, especially the marginalised, socially excluded and disadvantaged groups, is necessary for promoting good governance.

Stories of Change

Panchayat secretary punished for swindling funds for poultry shed construction

Manpur Panchayat in Thandla Block of Jhabua district , seventeen beneficiaries was shown as beneficiaries for goat /poultry sheds under NREGS and had received funds totalling 3 lakh fifteen thousand. The social audits revealed that no such construction has taken place and none of the  beneficiaries have received any  money for the same. In fact  none of the beneficiary was even aware of the same. The Panchayat and the secretary together had unscrupulously  withdrawn money from their account and swindled the same in connivance with  the engineer. 

75 incomplete work for which completion certificate was issued on the portals were restarted and consequently completed in Bagli

During Social audit in Gram PANCHAYAT Barjahi in August 2015 brought out the grievance by the Panchayat body that a completion certificate ( CC) is flashing on the MIS portal for a work that is only 10% complete while only 5% total expenditure has been incurred. The issuance of the completion certificate on MIS portal ,debars any further expenditure on the particular work. Consequently the the road suppose o be built under NREGS is dug open and there are serious commuting problems for more than an year. The Sarpanch stated that several other Panchayats also are facing the similar problem.

Mamta gets Rs. 25000 in Family benefit scheme from the support of oracle volunteer

Mamta ,from a Dalit household could just make her ends meet, however, the fine equilibrium of her already challenging life was thrown out of gear. Her husband died in an accident in October 2016. It was then she came across the ‘ Oracle information volunteer’ wh o informed her on the ‘Family benefit Scheme’ , targeted towards poor households that loose their major bread winner. The volunteer also helped her to write the application and submitted it to block office. The application was also followed online till the time she received Rs. 25000/- .

Levelling of a playground was undertaken under NREGS in Gram Panchayat Jamunia Khurd in Chindwara district of Madhya Pradesh.

A play ground was levelled under the scheme in the Panchayat . However levelling was done very poorly. The Social audit in Chindwara revealed that  first the material for levelling was not laid and road rollers worked only for half a day. The payment however, was much more material and roller –days. The Gram Sabha objected to the bills. The resolution was passed that the secretary who has fraudulently siphoned off the money should redo the levelling work or formal complaint will be lodged against him. The secretary agreed to do the work.

Streamlining the functioning of PDS ( Public Distribution Shops)

The social audit in Kundai Panchayat in Chindwara revealed that that PDS coupons have been issued to Panchayats so long the new cards are made. The beneficiaries can access coupons from the Panchayat  to get ration from the PDS shops at the subsidised rates. The coupons are supposed to be given free of cost to the targeted beneficiaries by the Panchayat. However, Panchayat secretary was asking for bribe for providing the coupons. He was also giving it to other non-mandated beneficiaries.